The Society holds limited funds which it offers for further educational purposes to clansmen and women. Applications are assessed on a competitive basis and there are a limited number of awards available.

Applicants will need to provide evidence demonstrating the need for extra support and evidence of how it will be utilised throughout their studies.

What can be funded?

The Society aims primarily to help students undertaking tertiary education who require supplementary grants towards items such as books, equipment and instruments but may consider travel and accommodation in certain circumstances. Consideration may also be given for supplementary project work undertaken as part of a study period or any educational projects worthy of support.

Who can apply?

The funds are available to Mackays who have the name “Mackay” or “MacAoidh” and septs thereof recognised by the Clan. The funds are also open through the maternal line for up to two generations.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 30th September annually and an application form can be requested by emailing the Bursary Administrator at clanmackaybursary@gmail.com 


For membership enquiries please email clanmackayofficial@gmail.com

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