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"This land is ours" - by Jonathan Rush out now on Amazon

July 24, 2018

 Highly recommended by the Hon President of the Clan Mackay Society Sandra Mackay, this book by Jonathan Rush is available to buy now on Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/This-land-ours-Jonathan-Rush-ebook/dp/B077DBZ9TS


From Amazon:


"In 1806 William MacKay and his wife, Jane Scobie, together with their six children left the Scottish Highlands for Canada's Prince Edward Island. A reluctant Jane had finally realised that their venal clan chief would betray the MacKays. Little did she know that her family's journey would finish seventy years later in Australia, living in one of the country's grandest mansions. Set against the violent backdrop of the expanding British Empire, the family is held together by succeeding generations of remarkable women who unflinchingly endure the hardships of frontier life.The MacKays' eventual success illustrates how courage and determination can triumph against the odds but comes at a cost to themselves and their compatriots."


Sandra's Recommendation:


"I read it and thoroughly enjoyed the story. It based on a true story but with a lot of fictional interludes.... the tenacity of the Mackays to make their journey, create what they did, and pick themselves up from a number of difficult situations shines through and makes it a thoroughly good read."


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